Impulsive Instrument is a duo featuring Butoh dancer Azumi Oe and double bassist Sean Ali. The two artists collaborated for the first time in Katsura Kan’s New York production of Senryu Butoh at the Kraine Theatre in November of 2015. They began performing as a duo in 2016 investigating the rich spectrum of possibilities from the combination of solo dance and solo instrument, which they occasionally augment with tape collage and spoken word. Central themes that have emerged from their dynamic performance history include exploring the intersection of noise and pre-language bodies, emerging and submerging memories that both enrich and threaten systems of meaning-making, and the stretching and condensing of time in the weight of empty space.

-Invocation V- 1.31.2020 at MIRROR IN WOODS
-Ephemeral Collusion- 4.17.2019 at The Atrium  
-impulsive instrument- 4.5.2019 at The Baumann
-impulsive instrument- 3.17.2018 at The Auditorium in Queens Museum
-de_NihilisM_-6.2.2017 at Rockwall Studio