Short film by Nicholas Motyka


A wealthily woman takes her human puppet on a tour of the Big Apple.  This short was a part of the 2018 Visible Poetry Project and was adapted from poet, Edwin Torres’ poem of the same name. 

Run Time : 5 minutes, 42 seconds


Writers : Nicholas Motyka (original concept) + Edwin Torres(Poet)
Stars : Azumi Oe (Puppet) + Stacy Smith (Puppeteer) + Rae Nelson (Narrator)
Film Score by Godfrey Fuchtgott
Cinematography by Nicholas Motyka + Sultan Thahir


Just don’t see your reason your idea,
if this means I go without your theory
your moment, let me fly without your warmth
your embrace, but if this leaves me spent
without your tongue your touch,
I’d rather stay without your mandate
your manifesto, and crawl inside your nut
your hole, for I could never stomach your pity
your apathy, without your knowledge
your information, attending your synopsis
your reach, your overarching timber
your tone, of which I’ve become enamored

possessed, to the point where all my reason
my want, intended for fulfillment
for breeding, has colored this encounter
this summit, with so much indecision
persuasion, without your empty statement
your pointing, correcting my alignment
my talking, I’d tackle all your diction
your throning, and make you answer wrongings
and spokens, but here we’ve shook our hands
our fingers, and given each a lecture
a gassing, so after all this molding
this preaching, I have to say with focus
with fizzle, that if I’d been your savior
your Jesus, we never would have fisted
not fighted, you left me no surrender
no choice, to mangle your direction
your essay, so let’s agree to listen
to leave, each other without heartbreak
without distance, I leave you with your theory
your reason, don’t ever try to call me
don’t email, we’ll never have our childhood
our Paris, without you there’s no envy
no wanting, antagonistic virtues
withstanding, why can’t I kick your habit
your knowing, I’ll meet you once for coffee
for beer, we’ll talk about the old days
the falsehoods, I’ll challenge your inventions
your stories, you’ll tell me why again.