Phantogram “Fall in Love”

Director: Timothy Saccenti
Producer Brooke McDaniel
Co-Direction: Joshua Davis
Art Direction: Sub Rosa
Editorial: Rex Lowry@PS260
VFX: Matt Posey@PS260
Cinematography: Ivan Abel
Stylist: Mark Holmes

Choreography by Vangeline Theater, Dancer azumi O E



Senators by Leverage Models

Produced by Shannon Fields

Shot/Edit by James Goodwin

Featuring vangeline Theater




Tobias Fröberg – When We Go To War

Directed by Petter Ringbom

The first single and video from Tobias Froberg´s album The Big Up (2010). The video was shot in New York and features dancers Kage Mulvilai and Azumi Oe.
Shot by Shane Sigler.




Man Made Sun/ Belief

Directed, shot and edited by Dana (distortion) Yavin
Assistent Director: Jared Allen Häberer
Lighting by Nick Foligno and Jasno Swarez of the Willamsburg AV Club




My Wings- Shahar Mintz

Shot by Haim Bargig
Edited by Adar Beck